What does BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship mean?

The British Horse Society is widely recognised as the world leading industry standard for Equestrianism and Riding Instructors.

There are 5 recognised levels of Instructor. To achieve each level Instructors must prove their ability in Coaching, Riding and Horse Care.

BHS Qualifications have recently been updated. Those who complete riding, coaching and horse care become coaches in Complete Horsemanship. They will be able to offer advice and guidance on the all round management of your horse, relevant to their level. The levels are:

  • BHS Stage 2 Foundation Coach (Previously a BHS Preliminary Teacher or BHSPT
  • BHS Stage 3 Coach (Previously a BHS Assistant Instructor or BHSAI)
  • BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach (Previously a BHS Intermediate Instructor or BHSII)
  • BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach (Previously a BHS Instructor or BHSI) This is the level I am currently qualified to and working at.
  • Fellow of the British Horse Society (FBHS)

    As a BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach, I have the knowledge and skills to train riders to Advanced level Dressage, Foxhunter level Show Jumping and Intermediate Eventing as a minimum. I am equally happy to teach beginners and novice riders and have a wide range of experience to draw from. This has proven to be especially valuable when teaching those with confidence issues or working with more challenging horses.  

    I am also qualified at UKCC Level 3 in Generic Equestrian.

    The UKCC represents the UK Coaching Certificate. These coaching certificates are available in a wide range of sports throughout the UK and are governed by Sports Coach UK - a partner of Sport England. The levels start at 1 and work up to level 4. These awards are based purely on a persons coaching ability.

    Ultimately, I hope to add to the small number of BHS Fellows in the world! BHS Fellows represent the highest standard of coaching and equitation, acting as true ambassadors for The BHS.

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